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Why, Karan, why?

Greetings, lovely members of humankind! How’s it going? (I know I can’t hear your response, telepathic communication is taking its own sweet time). Anywho, if you happen to be anything like the target demographic for this blog, I’m assuming that you are trying your best to smile as you go through life, pretending everything is fine. But in reality, the walls around you are collapsing and you just want to take a nap and get some money. In other words, you are probably in your twenties.

Much like you, I don’t know what’s happening around me either and this blog is my latest attempt to gather my thoughts and experiences to get a grip on the rollercoaster ride, that is life. I’m not new to this, however. I have had a few embarassing attempts in the past

and again…

“Hopefully I remain committed this time” That’s the problem. I am fickle and that sucks. I’m not entirely to blame though, look at the state of media right now. Everything is meant to encourage quick superficial consumption and there is minimal reflection involved.

I’m tired of having a stream of never ending information shoved down my throat. My aim for this blog is to reflect on interesting events, discuss matters that concern us all and for the most part, just share things that I think are cool. Hopefully this should allow me to be more mindful and critical of things that go on, and ultimately allow me to develop myself mentally.

Oh who am I kidding, your views on my opinions is just fodder for my ego. Pls give me attention and hope you enjoy my blog.

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